Skin Tone Correction: Healthy and Effective

Skin tone and consistency of color can appear damaged from a large build-up of dead skin cells. Laser treatments allow these layers to be quickly and safely removed. Sun damage and aging skin collagen can be put on a path of recovery.

Candidates for Tone Correction

Our skin is the organ we invest the most time and energy into maintaining. Glowing and radiant skin is a sign of health. But the skin’s appearance is not only an aesthetic concern. Damaged skin is the result of UV rays and excessive build-up of dead cells. The skin receives the most damage from exposure to the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause irregularity in skin pigmentation and dry it out.

Correcting the damage can be accomplished through fast and simple laser treatments. These treatments will “pull” the dark spot pigment, correct the damage, and display to the world the healthy, luminous glow you feel radiating from the inside.

Details of the Procedure

Laser peels combine the healthy habit of removing dead cells with the advances of dermatological technology. In only minutes, lasers remove a thin layer of dead skin from the face, arm/s, head, chest, or neck. New skin regenerated, and reveled, beautifully.

With removal of these dead skin cells, the tired and aged appearance of your skin is lifted away. Your skin immediately begins to heal. The new skin cells have the ability to grow rapidly, and they provide you with a youthful rebound against aging skin.

Laser procedure can result in reduced wrinkles and even out the color of the varying skin pigments. As new cells grow, they maintain a consistent color.

Laser peels are meant to treat large areas of skin in a single procedure. Many laser procedures are available at MD Face & Body Medspa™ to correct problem areas that have developed over the years. In both cases, the skin’s natural healing process will result in new collagen growth that adds a firming quality to your skin.

Results That Make a Difference

Any type of laser procedure we offer for the skin is a comfortable experience in a safe and comfortable setting. Minimally to invasive skin laser rejuvenation, depending on the patient’s needs and tolerance for downtime, are available. Eyes and other vital parts of the body receive complete protection during the process for both the technician and the patient.

In general, procedures last no longer than 30 minutes. Procedure time will only be lengthened to accommodate large areas of damage. Patients experience little discomfort after laser treatments are complete. Skin may feel slightly dry, and there is the possibility of mild peeling. The effects are no worse than a mild sunburn.

Correcting skin tone with laser treatments at MD Face & Body Medspa™ is extremely effective and satisfying. Results are obvious after just one treatment in most patients. In addition to tone and color improvement, patients report a noticeable improvement in the texture of their skin.

To explore the solutions available to you for skin tone correction, set up your consultation at MD Face & Body Medspa™ and allow us to return your skin to an even-toned, smoother and more youthful appearance.

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