Your face is the first thing people see. What you look like to yourself is what defines your aesthetic confidence. Imperfections such as acne scars, redness and enlarged pores can make you feel self-conscious and self-aware while you are being looked at. This is a terrible state of mind for any individual. We want to empower your ability to shine your face forth and captivate suitors!

Causes of Enlarged Pores

You may have inherited your large pores through family genes. Enlarged pores can also be caused by oily skin, in which the oil fills up pores, making them look even larger. Exposure to the sun can also cause enlargement of pores on the surface of the face. Sunshine can dry out the natural water, collagen and elastin in the layers of the skin, causing the skin to pull down the edges of pores. Poor hygiene can also cause the pores to fill up with dirt and oil. Enlarged pores occur in both men and women. The good news is that pores can be treated to give you back a smoother canvas to your beautiful complexion.

Improving the Appearance of Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores can be reduced with the use of lasers and mirco-needling to improve the look and texture of skin. Though no permanent cure for enlarged pores is currently available, you can reduce the appearance of pores for a smoother, more attractive appearance. Methods to unplug the pores can significantly reduce the appearance of enlarged pores too, giving the skin a smoother, more refined look. Removing existing pimples and blackheads will improve appearance immediately. Monthly facials (or every six weeks) are highly recommended for patients with active acne or blackheads.  Repairing damage from the sun with emollients or other treatments can help to reduce the look of the pores as well. Some specialized creams or lotions may help to increase collagen production which gives skin more elasticity and refinement. But the best method to date is the Eclipse MicroPen. Your glowing smooth complexion will captivate and be the cause of envy.

Laser Treatment for Enlarged Pores

Another method of reducing the appearance of enlarged pores is through laser treatments. Lasers use intense, highly focused beams of light to refine the surface of the skin and reduce the prominence of the pores. The laser can be directed to precise areas without damaging surrounding areas of the skin. Laser treatment is generally painless, though some patients may feel a slight tingling sensation as the treatment is performed. Multiple treatments may be necessary for deeply enlarged pores. Laser treatments sessions last around 30 minutes. The patient is conscious during this time, and only a local anesthetic is required.

After Laser Treatment

After treatment, patients generally experience no discomfort. If necessary, cold packs can be used to soothe irritation. You must ensure that no damage occurs to the skin for several days after treatment to allow the area/s to heal properly. Men should not shave for 24 hours. No exfoliants. After treatment patients should use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to prevent sun damage. Avoid sun tanning until all redness is gone. Avoid sun tanning, period.

Call MD Face & Body Medspa™ for a consultation on how Micropen micro-needling and/or laser treatment for pore reduction can help you to put your best face forward.

The following treatments are used to treat enlarged pores, click here for more information: insert hyperlink-


Deka DOT Deka Dot™ Fractionated CO2 laser treats skin in less than 10 minutes (after topical anesthesia is applied for 20 minutes). Patients are treated from three to five times once every three weeks. After each treatment most patients can return to work or their daily activities in three days. The CO2 laser is considered to be the most effective weapon for combating wrinkles, aging and many other skin imperfections, allowing for treatments from a light peel to deep full face skin rejuvenation. This fractionated CO2 laser makes thousands of microscopic wounds leaving normal bridges of skin that will stimulate healing and collagen production. Results are almost comparable to a full face resurfacing with much shorter healing time. We can customize treatments to your skin type, desired effect and allowable downtime.

Treated conditions with proven results:

  • Fine to deep facial and neck wrinkles 
  • Facial scars, acne scars, facial pores
  • Overall facial skin tone, spots, discoloration, blotchiness

Since we can vary the depth of penetration of the laser, distance between “dots” and how long each area is treated, there is excellent control over healing time and clinical results. Many patients opt for multiple treatments spaced out over a few months to reduce downtime to less than a few days, yet with results akin to a much deeper treatment. Other revolutionary new options with the Dot™ laser now include treatment of the neck, eyelids, hands, and décolleté. Now your new face can compliment a neck, hands, and chest that look equally as youthful.

Treatments using the Deka Dot™ laser range from one single treatment with up to a week of downtime to a light treatment after which you will look like you had moderate sunburn. We can literally fine-tune the wattage and spacing of the penetration points.

After the deeper supporting structures of the face are treated, we then smooth surface wrinkles with the Dot™ fractionated CO2 laser. That way the skin is rejuvenated inside and out. Treatment starts with oral and topical sedation only. Recovery time depends on the depth of skin resurfacing with the Dot™ laser chosen (see above).

One of our favorite treatments for age reversal is utilizing Deka Dot is Madonna Eye Lift.

Micropen Your glowing smooth complexion will captivate and be the cause of envy. Micro-Needling is relatively new in the field of aesthetic medicine. It’s used for treating the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and the overall improvement of your skin’s appearance.

During the procedure, tiny needles are used to create a controlled reaction to the skin that allows it to naturally produce collagen and elastin. The skin’s repair process results in an improvement of the appearance of wrinkles. It also creates superficial micro-channels, which can be infused with topical creams, serums, and gels to help improve the appearance of the epidermal layer of the skin.

How is the MicroPen different from dermal needling rollers?

The MicroPen is an automated micro-needling device that moves in a vertical direction for better precision when treating the skin, unlike an automated micro-needling roller, which does not offer the same amount of precision. Envision it like an electric toothbrush, with tiny hair fine needles at the tip (instead of bristles!)

How is the MicroPen different from a laser treatment?

The MicroPen breaks up pigment mechanically and stimulates the collagen formation without heat. By removing heat from the equation the MicroPen offers a safer, more comfortable treatment with a very low complication rate. No heat = no downtime. Most patients will show some redness for about 24 hours, a look of having just run 5 miles or jetted off a ski slope.

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