Most skin damage is caused by the sun (freckles, brown spots, burns, rough patches, wrinkles, etc), so it may be ironic that one of the most innovative and non-damaging of our treatments available uses bright light to correct these and many more skin conditions.

Foto Facials correct redness and other unwanted skin conditions in as few as 3 treatments, with occasional follow-up treatments for maintenance. Foto Facial is a generic term used to describe any kind of treatment that uses light or light pulses. Gentler than active surgery, but not a replacement for it, foto facials can even-out pigmentation on the skin, such as freckles or age spots. It is also effective in treating rosacea and in minimizing small wrinkles.

What is a Foto Facial?

Foto facials, also called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) may consist of a focused laser light or more diffused gentle LED (Light Emitting Diodes).

Two types of light are used in foto facials. The laser type is effective with a narrow range of light. For the most part, lasers increase collagen in the skin, making skin more plump and youthful. Lasers also provide effective antibacterial measures, correcting skin acne.

The process of IPL is particularly effective against sun damage and fine lines. IPL with a gentler LED light has a broader focus of light than a laser, with the result that more conditions are treatable with LED than with laser light. In laser photo facials, results are more dramatic than in IPL treatments, which may require more treatments to be effective.

Who is a candidate for a Foto Facial?

The procedure can be used for many different types of skin conditions. Red spots and hyperpigmentation are minimized.

Procedure used in Foto Facials

You and the technician both wear medical sunglasses to protect your vision from the intense light. A gel is placed on the skin, similar to ultrasound gel, to make the instrument glide more easily. Short bursts of light do the work, zapping away skin problems in seconds. It’s an exciting process that truly revels younger skin.

Results you can expect

After a foto facial, your skin will have a finer texture. You may experience a deepening of dark spots before they slough off, so patience is vital. You may look like you have thousands of tiny freckles. This is a very good sign, indicating that the pigment cells called melanocytes were shattered. Don’t pick any scabs, let your body’s defense mechanism take over and heal from within. The results will amaze you, raising confidence levels while simultaneously improving skin conditions.


Consult with MD Face & Body Medspa™ and find out how Foto Facials can improve your skin and your natural beauty.

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