As people age, facial and neck skin often becomes loose and saggy, producing an older, tired appearance and unattractive profile. We stare down at our devices day in and day out, and fall victim to text neck! Many people need to uphold a young, energetic appearance in their careers to stay competitive and “in the game.” Both men and women often seek facelifts to improve that tired look. We offer a non-surgical neck lift as a solution without the need for a lengthy recovery period required by traditional, surgical neck lifts.

What Is A Non-Surgical Neck Lift?

A non-surgical neck lift can remove roughly 3 years of aging from the neck area. It is useful for people who are not ready to undergo a surgical facelift, providing a younger appearance without the need for taking time off from work. Non-surgical neck lifts are less expensive than traditional surgical facelifts.

A non-surgical neck lift involves no cutting, no general anesthesia, no stitches, and no recovery downtime. Instead of cutting into the neck to remove excess skin and fatty tissue, our technique uses infrared or radio frequency to tighten the under layers of the skin. Sound wave technology is the method to help stimulate collagen production under the skin to give the neck a younger, healthier appearance.

The treatment does not require the individual to be unconscious. Topical anesthetics, such as numbing creams, may be applied to the skin surface. The individual may feel a pinching or slight burning sensation, like a rubber band slapping the skin. Full results of neck contours may take weeks to months to present. Some types of non-surgical neck lift use other modalities to remove imperfections and provide a tighter, smoother appearance.

The following procedures are used to address neck concerns non-surgically:

Nefertiti Lift



A pretty face doesn’t end at the jawline. With Nécolleté™ we’ve devised and trademarked a new neck tightening and décolleté enhancement treatment that’s a real game changer. Of course using only FDA-approved technologies, this innovation therapy tightens, lightens, brightens, and restores your 20th century glow.

Nothing betrays a woman’s age as quickly as a crêpey saggy neck and sun-damaged décolleté. When paired next to the well-maintained face, the “age difference” is glaring. Addressing puffy jowls, turkey-neck, and banded crackled-looking neck skin is part of the beauty regime. So why is the neck the most difficult body part to address?

Enter Nécolleté™

This new treatment entails a selection of Ulthera, IPL, Micropen, BBL, HALO, Fractional CO2, and smart skincare. It is a one-size-does-not-fit-all highly customized procedure, tailored to your needs and goals. Depending on the severity of fine lines, loose skin, and sunspots, Botox and chemical peels may be feathered in. We may also recommend at-home maintenance including exfoliate peel pads, Nécolleté™ firming cream, and/or skin roller. 

Nécolleté™ restores a firmed up jawline, a smooth, sun-damage-free sexy décolleté; a neck that’s more toned and taut, creating an elongated swan-like appearance. You’ve never experienced this combination therapy before. Come get your Nécolleté™ on.


Kybella™ is a new injectable treatment for submental fullness (double chin) that can significantly improve chin contouring without the invasiveness and downtime of surgery. It is FDA approved for the reduction of submental fat. Our office is one of the first in the United States to offer this treatment to patients.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella is a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid, a substance found naturally occurring in the body, which is synthesized and then used to break down and absorb dietary fat. Kybella has been under development for more than 9 years, and has been the subject of over 20 clinical studies involving more than 2,600 patients. When properly injected in the submental area, it has been shown to dissolve fat that causes a double chin. The result is a more streamline neck and improved contour along the jaw line.

What causes submental fat (double chin)? Who is affected?

The major factors seem to be genetics, natural aging or weight gain. Having a double chin can cause you to look older and heavier. According to a 2014 survey by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, approximately 70% of people have reported being bothered by submental fullness.

Are the results from Kybella permanent?

The short answer is yes. Because this is a recently introduced treatment, there are not yet enough patients who have received Kybella injections to completely substantiate that claim. However, the clinical findings of the FDA studies indicate that the results are permanent if there are no significant lifestyle changes.

What if there is subsequent weight gain following Kybella injections?

Patients in the clinical studies who experienced weight gain after their treatment did not see the return of their submental fullness. However, we will have a better understanding about the impact of subsequent weight gain in the future when data becomes available from a broader range of patients who receive treatment with Kybella.

How many Kybella treatments does it take?

Kybella is administered by injections into the fat under the chin through a series of treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The treatment plan is tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient. The total number of treatments can vary based on a myriad of factors, patients may need 2 and 6 treatments to achieve their desired results. We will determine the best regime during your consultation based on your age, anatomy, physiology and goals.

How quickly will I see results from Kybella?

Everybody’s body is different, the fat is dissolved within 10-15 minutes of injection, however your body has an inflammatory response to the injection, causing swelling. Typically results will appear within 4-6 weeks, and will continue to improve as additional treatments are administered. Your patience and time investment are appreciated! Truth be told: in most patients, it looks bad before it looks better.

How long does a Kybella treatment take?

Kybella is an injectable treatment, similar to Botox and fillers, it requires a relatively short office visit that should take about 20-30 minutes. It is injected in the approved area of the neck (submental fat deposits) to target jowls and lax droopy necks. To get rid of the waddle!

Is there any downtime after getting Kybella injections? 

There can be some bruising and swelling following Kybella treatments, similar to other injectables. The bruising can be easily covered with make-up as soon as the next day. The swelling at the injection site typically lasts 4-7 days. We advise patients to wait a few days before returning to the gym, any strenuous activity can prolong swelling and increase bruising.

Are there any contraindications?

Kybella may not be appropriate for everyone. Patients who have undergone previous plastic surgery procedures of the neck, chin and jawline must be evaluated on an individual basis. Patients who have difficulty swallowing, bleeding problems or medical conditions that might affect the face and neck may not be good candidates for Kybella.

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