Facials are a simple and effective way to rejuvenate facial skin for a brighter, cleaner and healthier appearance. A good facial should take into consideration your particular type of skin and any problems you have with your skin. Men, as well as women, can benefit from the improved appearance that facials bring.

Benefits of Facials

A facial does a number of things for the condition of your skin. It exfoliates the dead skin cells from the surface, removes black heads and other debris from the pores, stimulate the blood flow to the face and smooths the skin surface. These results are achieved through a series of different processes.

How Facials Are Done

A good facial begins with an analysis of your type of skin. You may have dry skin, oily skin or a combination of both located on different areas of your face. You may have a skin problem that needs special treatment to remain free of blemishes and blackheads. Aging skin needs particular care not to stretch or damage the thinning tissue that is common after the age of 40 or 50.

The skin is then cleaned thoroughly to remove surface dirt and oils, using products that are right for your type of skin. The skin may then be steamed to open pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads. After this process, the skin is then exfoliated to reveal new skin under the dead surface cells. A chemical peel may be applied to remove dirt and debris at a deeper level of the skin. Finally, the skin is toned and appropriate emollients are applied to give the new skin a healthy glow. Sunscreen should be applied to protect the tender new skin from sun damage.

Types of Facials

At MD Face & Body Medspa™ you can choose from a number of different types of facials for your specific needs. An anti-aging facial, helps reduce the look of fine lines. A collagen facial, uses collagen sheets applied to the face to increase the elasticity of your skin. An oxygen facial, mists your face with pure oxygen to revive the cells of the skin. A photo facial, uses light to treat acne breakouts and increase collagen production in facial cells. Other types of compounds may be used for specific effects.

Improve Your Appearance With A Facial Today

Schedule a consultation with MD Face & Body Medspa™ to determine the best type of facial for your skin. MD Face & Body Medspa™ will help you find the best remedy to make your skin look great!

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