Aging affects everyone. The strong collagen bond that connects skin and connective tissue begins to weaken as you age. This creates wrinkles and sagging skin that lowers your self esteem. Weakened skin can also happen after losing a significant amount of weight. MDFace + Body Medspa is here to help with loose skin and wrinkles through skin tightening and volume reduction procedures.

Skin Tightening

There are numerous solutions for tightening skin on the body. The most common application is on the face. The neck, jowls and eye area are the places most susceptible to sagging. Technology has made it so anyone experiencing sagging skin can easily have the problem fixed. The knees, elbows, abdominal skin and even breasts can be enhanced with cosmetic tightening. MDFace + Body Medspa can work with you to determine what procedures are best for your specific needs.

Benefits of Skin Tightening

Your skin will be smoother and younger looking after the procedure. This procedure will remove years off your face, and you will feel confident with your reflection again. Wrinkles will become smaller or disappear entirely. Sagging skin will be tightened instead of hanging. You will see and feel the difference. Everyone around you won’t be able to pinpoint what is different, but they will see that you look younger and radiant.

Volume Reduction

Volume reduction is a method that reduces the amount of fat underneath the skin to make a person slimmer. This cosmetic procedure is commonplace all over the world for streamlining the body. It can be done with a number of techniques. Deciding whether or not to get volume reduction is a big decision, but the benefits are undeniable. You will be able to fit into that sexy dress or just feel better in your own skin. Body contouring is meant to subtly change your body to be smoother in places where you have more bulk than you would like.

Benefits of Volume Reduction

You will finally be able to fit into that tight dress after a volume-reduction procedure. You will lose inches off the area you choose to have altered. Sometimes working out and eating healthy isn’t enough. That’s where body contouring comes in to help you achieve the look you want.


MDFace + Body Medspa offers different solutions for your cosmetic needs. You can book a consultation to learn more about what we can do for you so that you can feel confident again. Every person has individual needs, and MDFace + Body Medspa is here to accommodate!

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