Close up of female hips with a stretch marksWhether as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or just regular growth spurts, stretch marks can be a burden to our self-esteem and confidence. While they are not physically dangerous and are common amongst women and men of all ages, these marks can leave us feeling like we need to cover up, which is easier said than done during the summer months.

Stretch marks occur when our skin is stretched too fast, or more specifically the connective tissue in our dermis is stretched beyond what it’s able to withstand. This is why stretch marks are so prevalent among pregnant woman or those who experience rapid weight gain. While they can appear on anyone’s body, women tend to show stretch marks more readily than men, traditionally on the stomach, thighs, breasts, hips, and buttocks. And while they will fade over time, they will likely not subside on their own, always leaving a glossy outline on all the wrong places. While stretch mark creams and lotions are available at drug stores, these treatment options cannot always reach the root of the problem and may still leave traces of the image-damaging lines. To penetrate the depth of skin needed to affect the sight of these marks, more extensive options may be necessary.

Rid Yourself of Stretch Marks

In order to treat your stretch marks, your skin must be given two things: hydration and collagen. By applying treatments that add hydrating agents, such as hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and highlighting agents to both the epidermis and upper dermis, the skin can once again hydrate itself. Your skin then becomes healthier, which results in collagen production. This collagen and new cell production will result in firmer skin with a decreased appearance of the dreaded stretch marks.

Eclipse MicroPen® Elite

The Eclipse MicroPen® Elite is a micro-needling treatment that treats stretch marks by creating several micro-wounds to the skin. These injuries create a heightened healing response, stimulating both collagen and new cell production. And when combining the treatment with vitamin infusions or platelet-rich plasma infusions, your skin can enjoy the rejuvenating, nutrient-rich benefits that will not only reduce the appearance of your stretch marks but will leave your skin with improved tone and texture.


The Halo™ laser addresses stretch marks by using both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat multiple skin layers and improve overall tone and texture. This laser restores collagen levels over time, resulting in lasting skin rejuvenation.

Don’t let the summer come and go before seeing Dr. Pearlman to treat your stretch marks. Laser and micro-needling treatments can restore a smooth youthfulness to your skin, leaving you more confident and willing to show off yourself.