Womans face beauty concept before and after contrastMaintenance of facial health and skincare is a top priority for both women and men. However, for many of these people, their facial treatments end at the jawline, leaving the neck below untouched. Your neck is one of the most vital parts of your facial features, and it is often overlooked. Think of your neck like the frame of a painting. If the frame is beaten up or cracking, it will look out of place with the beautiful picture inside. Maintaining the proper balance between your face and neck is the first step to the youthful glow that you desire. When it comes to treatments for your neck, you have both surgical and non-surgical options available. While a surgical lift can provide stunning skin tightening and fat removal on the neck, you can achieve similar results accompanied by several additional benefits with a non-surgical neck lift.


One of the most significant “downsides” to cosmetic surgery is the invasiveness of it. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and with that comes lengthy downtimes, pain and discomfort, and more possibilities of complications. A non-surgical neck lift involves zero cutting. This means that there will be no anesthesia required, and therefore no chance of anesthesia-related complications, and no lengthy or painful recovery. The techniques used in a non-surgical neck lift rely on infrared, radio frequency, and ultrasound technologies. These are safe, effective, and relatively painless.

Skin Tightening

As you age, excess skin develops and begins to sag along the neckline. By using non-invasive techniques such as Ultherapy® or Nécolleté™, you can attain a healthier, younger-looking appearance without the need to remove excess skin. A non-surgical neck lift uses infrared or radio frequencies to tighten the layers of skin while sound wave technology can help stimulate and promote the production of collagen. This allows your body to improve its appearance naturally. While Ultherapy® uses ultrasound energy to tighten skin, Nécolleté™ is a combination therapy that tightens and brightens both the neck and décolleté area. It uses a mixture of IPL (intense pulsed light), BBL™ BroadBand Light, Halo™, and fractional CO2 lasers to tone and improve the appearance of the neck.

Fat Removal

KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injection that lessens and even removes the appearance of a double chin. This injection offers a permanent, non-invasive option for chin contouring. Over a series of injections, KYBELLA® will break down and absorb the fat in the chin area, leaving you with a more defined profile without having to go under the knife.

Lower Cost

If cost is a factor in your decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it’s good to know that a non-surgical neck lift is less expensive. Because it is tailored to fit your needs, the expenses are customized, and there is no need for the additional surgical and anesthesia fees that would otherwise be required.

There will be a difference in the results given by surgical versus non-surgical procedures. True, the non-surgical variation may not provide the same extent of correction as its surgical counterpart; however, it is a wonderful way to put off the need or desire of surgery. A non-invasive neck lift can remove years off of your appearance, and for many people, those small changes are all that they need to regain their confidence, youthfulness, and glow.