Don’t Forget Your Hands

When patients consider the effects of aging, they often only consider the aging that occurs on their face and neck. And while you shouldn’t disregard fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, or sagging skin on those areas, they are not the only features that are likely to experience visible aging. Your hands change just as much and just as fast as your face and neck, and they shouldn’t be forgotten when considering cosmetic improvements.

Freckle on skin closeup

Youthful-looking hands are those that have soft tissue volume, and smooth, healthy skin. With time, this soft tissue on the back of your hands disappear and leave them looking gaunt, veiny, and older than you are. The skin of the hands is often significantly affected by sun damage as they see more sun than anywhere else on your body and are often not protected with sunscreen or a covering. When the aging of your hands triggers insecurity, consider hand rejuvenation at MD Face + Body.


Just like the face, much of the aging of the hands come down to the loss of collagen. Collagen is the fiber in the skin that is responsible for skin health and it’s ability to maintain its shape, structure, and elasticity. When your skin loses too much collagen it begins to sag and become weak. Micro-needling with SkinPen® stimulates collagen production by triggering the skin’s natural healing processes. Micro-needling makes a series of tiny “wounds” on the surface of the hands to improve its tone and texture.


Injectables have made a name for themselves in recent years by treating facial aging and loss of volume in the face. To address the aging of the hands, the specialists at MD Face + Body offer Restylane®, JUVÉDERM®, or RADIESSE®. The dermal fillers safely and comfortably restore lost volume to the skin, filling out and plumping the areas of the hands where the soft tissue has disappeared. These fillers are made of natural ingredients found in the body and are guaranteed to leave your hands more rejuvenated, natural looking, and youthful for months to come.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments, such as BBL™ BroadBand Light and Halo™, provide hand skin rejuvenation while targeting wrinkles and sun damage on the hands. These lasers are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, making them an easy decision.

Balance is everything when it comes down to an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Targeting one area to conceal your age while leaving another untouched is the quickest way to reveal that your body has been enhanced.

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Say Goodbye to Summer With Hydrated Skin

As we prepare ourselves and our skin for the crisp autumn weather, it is now the perfect time to address the damage that the warm summer months have left on our complexions. No matter how dedicated and how much effort we put into our skincare routine, there is a good chance that summer has done some damage. From the hours and days in the sun and harsh elements to the late nights where your makeup may not have been adequately removed and your face cleansed, this is the time of year when your face could use a little pick-me-up, and the HydraFacial® may be exactly what your face needs. The HydraFacial® is a multi-step treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, and infusion of antioxidants to leave your skin feeling refreshed and more hydrated than its been in months.

Monochrome greyscale face portrait of a beautiful woman half obscured by a wave of blue

Hydration Is Everything

Just like your body requires proper hydration to function correctly and keep you healthy, your skin needs proper hydration to maintain its youthful glow and keep premature aging at bay. Dehydrated skin, which is common in summer, creates a dry, flaky, and dull complexion that leads to the premature addition of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrated skin also helps protect your skin against harmful environmental toxins and oils. Unfortunately, at-home skin care is not always enough to keep your skin at its peak hydration levels. The HydraFacial® infuses your skin with antioxidants, nutrients, and peptide serums that not only enhance your skin’s quality from the inside out but keeps your skin feeling and looking fresh and hydrated.

The HydraFacial® Procedure

This facial is a multi-step treatment that first cleanses, exfoliates, and relaxes the skin surface before removing all debris and impurities that may have developed from all the harsh summer months. These impurities are removed through a gentle vacuuming device that is comfortable and painless. Next, your skin is saturated in nutrient-rich, peptide serums that boost hydration and target aging skin. After the HydraFacial® treatment, your skin will noticeably feel healthier, smoother, and hydrated. This hydration lasts for one week and can be repeated as necessary to keep your skin hydrated and strong. With repeated HydraFacial® treatments, you will notice a gradual increase in the health and overall appearance of your face.

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Eliminate Stretch Marks Before the Summer

Close up of female hips with a stretch marksWhether as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or just regular growth spurts, stretch marks can be a burden to our self-esteem and confidence. While they are not physically dangerous and are common amongst women and men of all ages, these marks can leave us feeling like we need to cover up, which is easier said than done during the summer months.

Stretch marks occur when our skin is stretched too fast, or more specifically the connective tissue in our dermis is stretched beyond what it’s able to withstand. This is why stretch marks are so prevalent among pregnant woman or those who experience rapid weight gain. While they can appear on anyone’s body, women tend to show stretch marks more readily than men, traditionally on the stomach, thighs, breasts, hips, and buttocks. And while they will fade over time, they will likely not subside on their own, always leaving a glossy outline on all the wrong places. While stretch mark creams and lotions are available at drug stores, these treatment options cannot always reach the root of the problem and may still leave traces of the image-damaging lines. To penetrate the depth of skin needed to affect the sight of these marks, more extensive options may be necessary.

Rid Yourself of Stretch Marks

In order to treat your stretch marks, your skin must be given two things: hydration and collagen. By applying treatments that add hydrating agents, such as hyaluronic acid, growth factors, and highlighting agents to both the epidermis and upper dermis, the skin can once again hydrate itself. Your skin then becomes healthier, which results in collagen production. This collagen and new cell production will result in firmer skin with a decreased appearance of the dreaded stretch marks.

Eclipse MicroPen® Elite

The Eclipse MicroPen® Elite is a micro-needling treatment that treats stretch marks by creating several micro-wounds to the skin. These injuries create a heightened healing response, stimulating both collagen and new cell production. And when combining the treatment with vitamin infusions or platelet-rich plasma infusions, your skin can enjoy the rejuvenating, nutrient-rich benefits that will not only reduce the appearance of your stretch marks but will leave your skin with improved tone and texture.


The Halo™ laser addresses stretch marks by using both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to treat multiple skin layers and improve overall tone and texture. This laser restores collagen levels over time, resulting in lasting skin rejuvenation.

Don’t let the summer come and go before seeing Dr. Pearlman to treat your stretch marks. Laser and micro-needling treatments can restore a smooth youthfulness to your skin, leaving you more confident and willing to show off yourself.


How Does Ultherapy® Work?

Middle aged smiling lady having perfect face and neck skinFacelift surgery is a common way to reverse the clock when it comes to the appearance and quality of your lower face and neck. For a long time, surgery was the only procedure that was able to tighten age-related skin laxity in the neck and lower face—that was the case until Ultherapy® came into focus. Ultherapy® is a proven, FDA-approved approach guaranteed to tighten lax skin on the face, neck, and chest. You can achieve these results without surgery or downtime, allowing you to regain youthfulness and a rejuvenated quality to your skin.

Non-surgically Tightens Skin

Ultherapy® achieves its results by using ultrasound energy instead of surgery or lasers to lift and tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles, and fine lines, and leave you feeling fresh and re-energized. This ultrasound energy penetrates the face, neck, and chest at an ideal depth and temperature to stimulate collagen production, allowing your skin to heal and improve itself. Treatment is comfortable, involves no knives or damage to the surface of the skin, and requires no lengthy downtime. Be ready to face the world immediately after you leave Dr. Pearlman’s office.

Enhances Confidence

No longer feel like you need to hide under turtleneck sweaters or spend countless minutes in front of the mirror, gently pulling at the skin on your jaw to see how your appearance changes. Ultherapy® provides subtle, yet noticeable improvements to your face, neck, chest, and especially under your chin. While Ultherapy® may not match the results offered by the invasive facelift, it can postpone, if not eradicate the desire for facial surgery, and is ideal for those who are not ready to go under the knife. Confidence soars when you feel good about yourself—allow yourself to achieve that while attaining the look you’ve desired.

Complete Your Non-surgical Facelift

While Ultherapy® creates stunning results on its own, it can also be combined with several other procedures to create a “non-surgical facelift.” This method adds volume to the cheeks with WOW Cheeks™, improves skin quality with lasers such as Deka DOT™ or Halo™, and lessens the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines, allowing you to attain full facial rejuvenation.


The Benefits of a Non-surgical Neck Lift Compared to Surgery

Womans face beauty concept before and after contrastMaintenance of facial health and skincare is a top priority for both women and men. However, for many of these people, their facial treatments end at the jawline, leaving the neck below untouched. Your neck is one of the most vital parts of your facial features, and it is often overlooked. Think of your neck like the frame of a painting. If the frame is beaten up or cracking, it will look out of place with the beautiful picture inside. Maintaining the proper balance between your face and neck is the first step to the youthful glow that you desire. When it comes to treatments for your neck, you have both surgical and non-surgical options available. While a surgical lift can provide stunning skin tightening and fat removal on the neck, you can achieve similar results accompanied by several additional benefits with a non-surgical neck lift.


One of the most significant “downsides” to cosmetic surgery is the invasiveness of it. Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and with that comes lengthy downtimes, pain and discomfort, and more possibilities of complications. A non-surgical neck lift involves zero cutting. This means that there will be no anesthesia required, and therefore no chance of anesthesia-related complications, and no lengthy or painful recovery. The techniques used in a non-surgical neck lift rely on infrared, radio frequency, and ultrasound technologies. These are safe, effective, and relatively painless.

Skin Tightening

As you age, excess skin develops and begins to sag along the neckline. By using non-invasive techniques such as Ultherapy® or Nécolleté™, you can attain a healthier, younger-looking appearance without the need to remove excess skin. A non-surgical neck lift uses infrared or radio frequencies to tighten the layers of skin while sound wave technology can help stimulate and promote the production of collagen. This allows your body to improve its appearance naturally. While Ultherapy® uses ultrasound energy to tighten skin, Nécolleté™ is a combination therapy that tightens and brightens both the neck and décolleté area. It uses a mixture of IPL (intense pulsed light), BBL™ BroadBand Light, Halo™, and fractional CO2 lasers to tone and improve the appearance of the neck.

Fat Removal

KYBELLA® is an FDA-approved injection that lessens and even removes the appearance of a double chin. This injection offers a permanent, non-invasive option for chin contouring. Over a series of injections, KYBELLA® will break down and absorb the fat in the chin area, leaving you with a more defined profile without having to go under the knife.

Lower Cost

If cost is a factor in your decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure, it’s good to know that a non-surgical neck lift is less expensive. Because it is tailored to fit your needs, the expenses are customized, and there is no need for the additional surgical and anesthesia fees that would otherwise be required.

There will be a difference in the results given by surgical versus non-surgical procedures. True, the non-surgical variation may not provide the same extent of correction as its surgical counterpart; however, it is a wonderful way to put off the need or desire of surgery. A non-invasive neck lift can remove years off of your appearance, and for many people, those small changes are all that they need to regain their confidence, youthfulness, and glow.


Resolve to Take Back a More Youthful Appearance With Sculptra® Aesthetic

40 years old womanWrinkles, creases, and volume loss in the face eventually occur in all of us. It is a simple, undeniable fact of aging. While many products help to prolong the time before aging gets the best of you, there is nothing that completely prevents it. And it is at this time that you may be wondering what cosmetic options are available. Dermal fillers provide relief to the stubborn wrinkles and facial volume loss that makes many people want to run from the mirror. However, with so many different types of dermal fillers offered, what is the best choice to fit your needs? While there are several “good” choices when it comes to facial fillers, Sculptra® Aesthetic presents itself as an option worth looking into.


Sculptra® Aesthetic offers a non-invasive treatment to fill facial hollows and smooth the appearance of wrinkles in the cheeks, nasolabial folds, temples, and marionette lines. Sculptra® Aesthetic is a synthetic sugar consisting of lactic acid units. This substance naturally occurs in the body, which makes this a safe and reliable option for your skin needs. Traditionally, treatments consist of two to three sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart and can be used to treat shallow to deep folds and wrinkles in the skin.

Stimulates Collagen Production

What sets Sculptra® Aesthetic apart from other fillers on the market today is that when it is injected it stimulates the body’s collagen production. Collagen is what is responsible for healthy and smooth skin we all desire, and unfortunately, after the age of 18, we begin to lose that collagen, resulting in skin marked with wrinkles and volume loss. This injectable aids your body in creating new collagen to replace what has been damaged and lost through the natural aging process. Over time, this new collagen restores volume, structure, and youthfulness.

Lasting Results

While no injectable will provide permanent results, Sculptra® Aesthetic offers results that last longer than any other filler on the market. Most dermal fillers are absorbed by the body within a few months; however, in a clinical study, the results of Sculptra® Aesthetic were shown to last well over two years (which was the length of the study). Traditional dermal fillers reduce wrinkles and fill hollowed spaces by using liquid or gel substances to push up the dermis; it is this reason that fillers can provide visible results immediately. Sculptra® Aesthetic works differently. Instead of only treating the symptoms, Sculptra® Aesthetic goes after the source of the problem, providing aid to one of the underlying causes of wrinkling and volume loss in the face: collagen production. While the visible results offered by Sculptra® Aesthetic appear gradually and can take between two and six months to become apparent, the results that are given, and the longevity of those results, are well worth the wait.

Improves Skin Quality

Another benefit of Sculptra® Aesthetic is that it can improve the quality of your skin. Because it stimulates collagen, you will notice improvements in both your skin’s thickness and elasticity, which will contribute to the overall glow and youthfulness of your face. No other dermal filler on the market can do that.

Natural-Looking Results

Because Sculptra® Aesthetic is made up of natural substances in the body and helps your body to stimulate its collagen, there is no change of a heavily made-up “fake” look. Your results will be natural, and your skin will look fresher and more youthful than it has in years.


Is It Worth It? A Closer Look at Skin Care Products

Woman With Hand on ChinThere are no shortages of options when it comes to skin care products. Everywhere you go there are advertisements for moisturizers and exfoliators that all promise to do the same things, whether it is to reduce wrinkles, sunspots, or simply even out tone and texture. But how do you know which ones are the best? How can you tell the real anti-aging products from the fake?

We all want youthful, glowing, and blemish-free skin, and ideally, no one wants to pay any more than necessary for it. However, sometimes the adage is true: “you get what you pay for,” and when it comes to your skin, products that come directly from a medspa can provide some of the most satisfying results. While over-the-counter skin care products exist and are effective, there are also many that are not. In fact, some of these products carry ingredients that are harmful to your skin. So why pick blindly from a store shelf when you could listen to a trained skin professional. Here are some of the benefits that come when you “splurge” on products from a medspa.

Quality Active Ingredients

Every cream on the market is made up of two types of ingredients: active and inactive. Active ingredients are the ones to focus on as they are the actual treating ingredients; in essence, they are what will determine if the product does what it says it will. Inactive ingredients are merely put in a product to make it feel and smell nice, yet have no real benefit. High-end products from a medspa not only often have higher concentration and purity of active ingredients, but they have the capability of penetrating deeper into your skin to provide complete rejuvenation.

Some of the best active ingredients are:

  • Niacinamide: It is used to restore the quality of your skin. This ingredient works to reduce water loss from the skin, ensuring that you retain more of your natural moisture. This is beneficial in improving skin elasticity and tone.
  • Retinol: This reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Retinol consists of vitamin A and can improve uneven pigmentation, fine lines, skin tone, and hydration levels.
  • Kojic acid: This ingredient slows the production of melanin and can brighten and even out skin tone to treat pigment irregularities.
  • Alpha and beta hydroxy acids: AHA and ABA are used to remove dead skin layers while stimulating the collagen of the underlying skin.
  • Copper: Copper is used to reduce inflammation. Copper stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to firm and soften the skin.
  • Green tea extracts: Extracts are used to reduce irritation and skin dryness.

Stop at the Red: Your Guide to Treating Skin Discoloration

young womans cheek with typical problem with acne acne rosacea pimplesHaving bright, smooth, and evenly toned skin is a key element in allowing you to both feel and look refreshed and younger. Having skin redness or hyperpigmentation (excess brown pigment) in your skin can make your skin look dull, unhealthy, and aged. It can also negatively affect your confidence.

What Causes Red Spots and Hyperpigmentation?

While there are many causes for changes in the tone and texture of the skin, the most obvious reasons are sun damage (including damage from tanning beds) and the natural effects of aging. Hyperpigmentation is caused by the excess production of melanin, the pigment that is responsible for your skin’s coloring. This excess melanin causes changes in skin tone in the way of age spots, excess freckles, and other skin irregularities. Facial redness can be caused by conditions such as rosacea or broken capillaries, which cause the appearance of red blemishes on your skin. While all of these skin conditions are harmless, they can be cosmetically irritating.

Treatment Options

We offer skin rejuvenation ranging from light treatments that address red and brown reduction with no downtime at all to strong lasers that will completely rejuvenate your skin.

Lightening Lift Peels

Chemical peels, such as Dr. Pearlman’s Lightening Lift Peel, blend organic botanical agents with natural lactic acid to reduce skin irregularities brought on by rosacea-inspired facial redness and hyperpigmentation. This peel can result in a brighter, more even complexion.

Broad Band Light

BroadBand Light (BBL) uses photofacial technology to improve the appearance of your skin. It can treat red spots and broken capillaries as well as the effects of rosacea. This laser can also target the appearance of excess freckles and age spots, leaving you looking younger and rejuvenated.


The world’s first hybrid fractional laser (HFL) is revolutionizing resurfacing. Halo™ delivers non-ablative and ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone, giving patients results they love without the discomfort or downtime they expect. Long-term sun exposure, an active lifestyle, and the wear and tear of everyday living results in visible signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, discoloration (browns and reds), scars, and laxity. A fractional treatment, whether ablative or coagulative, allows the epidermis to heal quickly as long as the dermis remains intact.

Contour TRL™

The Contour TRL™ is an ablative laser that will provide you with smoother, evenly toned skin. This laser removes the top layer of the skin, therefore eliminating the damaged skin cells that are responsible for your skin’s dull appearance. This laser can address a multitude of skin irregularities with precision.

SmartXide DOT Fractionated CO₂ Laser™

The DOT Fractionated CO₂ laser treats the skin by making thousands of laser blasts, leaving normal skin between for more rapid healing. This is the perfect option between Halo™ treatments and Contour TRL™ for those who desire more skin rejuvenation but are not quite ready for taking the time to heal from the fully ablative treatment of a Contour TRL™ laser.

Your Skin Analysis

Having a comprehensive skin analysis is an easy procedure. It begins with a preliminary skin examination followed by skincare. The Reveal® imager is the latest, most innovative photographic technology that allows us to analyze and diagnose your skin conditions (even the ones that you can’t yet see). A brief office session is all it takes for us to photograph your skin to provide you with a clinical analysis of what’s working with your anti-aging regimen both inside and out.

During your consultation, a specialist will review all information gathered and design a tailor-made plan to help protect and improve your skin.

Arrange an appointment with one of our Beauty Experts for a skin analysis today! Call 212-223-8300 now!


Hurting Your Skin to Help Your Complexion

Two Faced Woman Showing Complexion DifferencesAs we age, our skin becomes dull, sun damaged, and wrinkled. We’re all searching for that magic fix that will leave us looking refreshed, rested, and young. Stores are stocked to the brim with skin creams and lotions designed to improve the quality of our skin. While some products may somewhat improve our skin, many of them fall short in minimizing the effects of the aging process. Ironically, one of the best ways to help our skin is to hurt it with the use of CO₂ and erbium ablative lasers such as the Deka Smartxide™ laser and Contour TRL™.

Why Use Ablative Lasers?

Pigment irregularities, fine lines, and the overall “dull” look of your skin are often caused by old and damaged tissues in the top layer of your skin. These damaged tissues are a result of anything from aging to sun damage to lifestyle choices. Dr. Pearlman offers treatment with ablative lasers to provide stunning skin rejuvenation results. The laser beams of light create thousands of microscopic wounds that cause the top layer of skin to peel off. The heat from the lasers stimulates the growth of collagen that will improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin, leaving you with smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin.

Lasers refresh your skin with treatments ranging from mild with a quick recovery to deep laser treatments that result in significant improvement in skin color, texture, and wrinkles. Although lasers cannot provide the same “lifting” results as procedures such as facelift surgery, ablative lasers can refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, yielding smoother skin with a more even tone.

How Can Lasers Help Me?

Deka Smartxide™ Laser

The Deka Smartxide™ laser is a fractional CO₂ laser that can customize the intensity of the treatment for your specific needs. This treatment involves creating thousands of wounds, or “dots,” on the skin while leaving the healthy skin around it that will promote healing and collagen production, providing you with a younger and more refreshed look.

The Deka Smartxide™ Laser Can Treat:

  • facial and neck wrinkles
  • facial scars (such as acne)
  • enlarged pores
  • poor skin tone and texture

Contour TRL™

The Contour TRL™ is another ablative laser that can provide significant and customized anti-aging results. This laser is safe for most skin types and offers three stages of intensity to target your skin’s condition as well as your desired downtime. Basically, the deeper the laser treatment, the longer the healing and the better the result.

The Contour TRL™ Laser Can Treat:

  • wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  • sun damage
  • poor skin tone and texture
  • facial scars

Can Light Lead to Better Skin?

Mixed race Asian Caucasian pretty model outside with sun in background on Hawaiian tropical beachAt some time or another, we’ve all been told to stay out of the sun and when we must go out, wear plenty of sunscreen. While time spent in the sun can bring plenty of benefits from the vitamin D to the enjoyment of outdoor activities, it can also ravage your skin with brown spots, wrinkles, and texture irregularities. Once you have sun damaged skin, it isn’t easy to treat, and sometimes skin creams are not up to the task. Oddly enough, one of the best ways to solve the problems caused by one type of light, the sun, is by using another kind known as Broadband light.

What Causes Sun Damage?

While some wrinkles and skin damage are par for the course due to the natural aging process, much of our damaged skin comes from another reason: the sun. Age spots, also known as sun spots or brown spots, are the result of excessive and prolonged exposure to UV light. Ultraviolet rays damage your skin much in the way that aging does; however, it does so at a much quicker rate. These rays not only break down collagen and elastin, thus damaging the connective tissues, but they also increase the production of melanin, which results in the discoloration of the skin as melanin overstimulates pigment cells. As this occurs and the skin loses its flexibility, fine lines, pigment changes, and even freckles can spread across your face.

What Is Broadband Light?

Broadband light, also known as a photo facial, is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses intense, short bursts of focused laser light or a more gentle LED light to target problem areas on the skin. This light stimulates collagen growth, which results in a more youthful appearance while improving color and texture of the skin.

How Can a Photo Facial Help Me?

Although not a replacement for surgery or more invasive skin lasers, photo facials can be beneficial to anyone who has sun damaged or discolored skin—it can even improve the appearance of large pores, red spots, minor wrinkles, and the effects of rosacea. Photo facials are non-invasive and non-ablative, resulting in a quick recovery time, little pain, and very few side effects. Patients experience some redness that will dissipate within a day or so, and can be easily covered with make-up. Treatment consists of three sessions spread a couple of weeks apart, plus periodic maintenance after.
Treatments with Broadband light can have you on your way to smoother, healthier skin.