The Experts

The aestheticians and beauty experts behind MD Face & Body Medspa™ have 90+ years combined experience in the aesthetic and beauty industries. Their advanced techniques and expert reputations generated a demand for extended services…and MD Face & Body was born. Their highly praised skill set defines the quality procedures we offer and guarantee.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD FACS is a passionate surgeon and a committed educator. Dr. Pearlman is the medical director of MD Face&Body, an exclusive medical spa for those who seek clinical excellence in both their treatments and results. Dr. Pearlman provides his patients with a unique, highly focused expertise in the cosmetic realm of today’s highly scrutinizing standards. He celebrates the many unique faces of beauty he treats from all corners of the globe; with a team that can make anyone look as young as they feel naturally. The top-notch MD Face&Body staff is committed, approachable, and astutely tuned-in to patient needs, the latest technology, and providing the safest and most comfortable environment possible including a state-of-the-art office and on-site certified operating room for facial plastic surgery.

Heather Rypien, a Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist (CANS), has mastered the art of injecting Botox and every filler currently on the market. Heather has been a successful aesthetic nurse injector for nearly 7 years, licensed to inject in 26 states. She has mastered several innovative injection techniques such as MicroTox™, the Nefertiti lift, and Dermasculpt cannulation method of (bruise-free!) injecting. Taking a cue from Leonardo DaVinci, she uses the Golden Ratio of proportionality--the union of science, math, and art in aesthetics--measuring length and height of the brow, forehead height, length of nose, width and depth of the lips, apex of the cheek, distance between eyes, and much more. Her technical skill and eye for balance will unleash your most exquisite beauty. Her warm smile and Southern charm instantly put patients at ease, as she aspires to partner with patients on their beauty journey and goals.

Donna Fay, is a leading expert in the aesthetic industry, recognized as the “go to” person for treatments and recommendations of cosmetic procedures. As an aesthetic coach for MD Face&Body, she works closely with men and women, stateside and abroad, who are seeking a qualified, ethical and a skilled procedure. Her goal is to help individuals navigate the highly complex and confusing choices available. An enthusiastic and caring consultation with Donna will help you select the procedures that will give you not just a great result–but the best result. A master licensed aesthetician with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of aesthetics and beauty, Donna has a passion to help patients achieve healthy radiant skin by uniting customized treatment plans with patient education. Her hands-on treatments have transformed faces, confidence and lives..

Christine Ross, RN, has been in the nursing profession for over 10 years. Her experience includes a variety of functions such as travel nursing as well as a medical mission to Haiti.
She makes certain our equipment, personnel, disposables, medications, and every other detail are ready, overseeing that everything is checked twice and documented properly. For example, laser hand pieces and optical windows need to be cleaned in between patients—where else is such hygiene attended to? Christine also recovers patients from anesthesia, gives wound, medication and discharge instructions, and helps transfer patients safely home.

Writer and marketing executive Ali Pearlman hails from Beverly Hills, California, and spent years traveling abroad absorbing a variety of cultures. Her divergent energies have been put to use through a vital New York journalism and communications career covering fashion, lifestyle, health and nutrition, cosmetics, and beauty. Her book Cooking Your Way to Gorgeous (HCI, 2013) was an Amazon bestseller in the naturopath category, and features many insider secrets on everyday foods to use in and on your skin for anti-oxidant health and a radiant complexion. Ali has an instinct for style, an eye for beauty, and a knack for keeping it real. She is the Communications Manager at Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery, and mother of twin girls.

Mina Bouthavong is our Executive Business Administrator and has worked in the aesthetic industry for over 5 years. Her exceptional organizational skills keep the team at MD Face&Body running smoothly. A seamless greeting/treatment experience/check-out process is her goal, which she meets with flying colors daily. Mina is available to coordinate any international travel needs and properly ensure you arrive in New York, at our office, without stress or complication, offering concierge service for Park Avenue tastes.

The MDFace + Body Medspa Assessment

Aesthetic confidence is the empowerment we derive from the way we look. It affects confidence in our professional lives, assertiveness, and emotions. The MDFace + Body Medspa Assessment is an eye-opening experience through which we explore and ultimately boost your aesthetic confidence with the goal of enhancing your appearance. We don’t want to change you; we want to empower your beauty and confidence. By allowing us to bring out your personal best, you are allowing yourself to be your most authentic you.

We will evaluate and expand your existing “beauty knowledge” in a clinically safe, unintimidating environment. We provide a reassuring, supportive, positive dialog, and enable you to discuss and work through personal obstacles to improve your aesthetic confidence. The process creates a unified vision of your desired result so you know what to expect. And we are fully equipped and prepared to deliver!

Our Philosophy

MDFace + Body Medspa is a place where caring and substance, combined with excellent results, are expected and demanded. With these principles in mind, we have taken the time to hand-select a highly trained compassionate staff. MDFace + Body Medspa promotes this philosophy by assuring that our team attend national training seminars with leading experts in the field to provide our clients with the most updated and state of the art treatments. We are consistently updating and mastering our skill set--and your outcome.

Our ability to deliver the best in personalized service at MDFace + Body Medspa is measured by our client’s first impressions. From the initial contact you have with our staff, we aim to combine the elements of a traditional luxurious spa with your tailored aesthetic package to deliver a unique skincare experience. The entire process will make you feel at home.

At MDFace + Body Medspa, it is this philosophy that helps our clients reach their desired wellness and beauty. It is our hope that you take the time to meet with our professional staff to explore the most comprehensive skincare program available. Come with your questions--we have the answers.

At MDFace + Body Medspa, we carefully assess emerging FDA-approved aesthetic technology and only offer procedures, products, and services that are safe, effective, scientifically sound, and results oriented. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art laser/light based industry techniques to give you the ultimate in anti-aging medicine and enhanced skincare. Our peels, creams, biological acids, masks, facials, injectibles, and skincare products are top grade in the medical industry.

We offer a variety of specialized consultations too. Our services are results-oriented and selected with our client’s goals in mind. Whether you’re visiting our office or our website, we take pride in presenting a wealth of intelligent information all related to various types of skin conditions, most of which can be corrected and improved at MDFace + Body Medspa.

MDFace + Body Medspa offers a considerable range of medispa services. Our established reputation as a comprehensive skincare and laser destination leads us to provide state-of-the-art treatments in a warm, caring and professional environment. Our office features a paired-back elegant décor that contributes to a tranquil atmosphere where clients can de-stress and rejuvenate their inner and outer spirit. Our diligence in implementing the latest in safe and effective technology allows us to provide our patients with the best innovative procedures available today.

When visiting MDFace + Body Medspa, you can expect sophisticated and reliable treatments in a relaxing environment aimed at unveiling the most beautiful, youthful and radiant you! Feeling beautiful will bring out your confidence and most authentic self.